Recording a music video

Tonight me and a couple of very good friends recorded a music video for a track that will be released in a not too distant future. With what band? I can’t tell you at the moment but I’m sure it will be revealed soon! ROCK!Photo of Joel Fox Apelgren

Work has begun on the first project of the year

In celebration of the fact that my piano version of “He Is” has passed 4000 views on YouTube I have started working on my next little project. The first project of the year will be a version of a song that a lot of you probably never heard before. Like before I won’t tell you what it is until I get closer to finishing the thing. To be honest, I have recorded most of it already but as usual there’s this and that and arrangements and instrumentation and what not.

Also, at the moment I have no idea what kind of visuals I want to have accompanying this song. I guess that’ll take some time to figure out (and create), but in the meantime I’ll try to make it sound as good as I can.

I don’t know what you guys think, but to me a video of some sort makes listening to “new” music online a lot more enjoyable and exciting. I was thinking about getting a Soundcloud account (or something like that), but I don’t think anyone would take their time listening to anything there, so I’ll stick to my idea of having something to look at while listening. Which of course means everything takes a little longer to finish, but what the heck. What’s your opinion? Let me know at the Delafox Studios Facebook page.

The studio

Oh, and I’m thinking of buying those awesome air drums for the studio. I can’t play the drums AT ALL, but at least I could invite my drumming friends over for some epic, awesome recording and jamming.

Over 4k views, yay!

Ghost – He Is – piano cover

I made it! Finally my project that I’ve been working on for quite some time now has been finished. A tribute to one of my favourite bands; Ghost, and their amazing song “He Is” as sort of a piano cover.

The first time I heard this song I knew I had to make something with it, so I recorded this piano version. Originally I wasn’t planning to make anything more than a simple one take video for it, but that soon became a little more advanced.

I’ve done almost everything myself; playing keys, singing, recording, filming and editing. It was a fun project that somehow grew bigger and bigger until I had to stop myself and just release the thing. Big thanks to my buddy John Berg for mixing and mastering my recording!

Also, big thanks to Ghost and their associated songwriters for writing such a brilliant piece of music.

Hope you like it! You are more than welcome to share the video!

Keeping busy

Hey hey!

I’m busy as always, and my little project that I hoped to have done by halloween is gonna need another week, so new deadline for that is next Sunday. Basically, video editing was more time consuming than I thought.Editing video


Ghost Grale

At the moment, I’m practising songs for a show I’ll play next Saturday with my friends in Siniestro. Filip, the bass player had an accident and ended up with a broken hand, so they asked me to fill in for him, which will be a lot of fun! Check out the event here!


Something in the making

I’m currently working on a little project that involves all the items in the foreground of this picture:

Something in the making

Well, it WAS small, but it’s grown quite a lot since I came up with my original idea.

I’m not gonna say what it is I’m working on yet, but it’s not too far from completion so I hope you can bear with me. I’m very good at coming up with ideas and fun projects, but finishing them is a whole other issue. Posting about it here will hopefully work as an incitement to make it happen this time!

Wish me luck!

Ruben, der Wildschwein – new Ztringtroza video

We made a new video for one of the songs from the latest Ztringtroza EP. The song is a german version of the old (“classic”) song “Vildsvinet Ruben”. The video was a lot of fun and party to record. It features the entire band, as well as our pig of a manager, Ruben. And a pizza guy.

Ztringtroza will be playing at the Kalmar Tattoo Fair this friday, make sure you stop by if you have the chance!


Joel in Chicago

Welcome everyone! Some time ago, I decided to get my site up and running, and here it is. The idea is to write about what I’m currently up to, both as a musician/artist/songwriter and as a web developer. Occasionally I’ll take a stroll down memory lane and post some funny tour memories as well.

I honestly don’t know how often I’ll write ’cause I never did this blogging thing for myself before, but I’ll try to update as soon as I can.