Ztringtroza live @ Club Dirty Nights, Stockholm

This saturday, me and my fellow dysfunctional weirdos in Ztringtroza will do a show at Club Dirty Nights, Harry B James, Stockholm. It will be a lot of fun and madness as usual. Harry B James is one of those places where I’ve spent more time and money than I like to think about, but I’ve had tons of great times at that place. However, very soon they will move out from their current address. I hope they’ll find a great spot and keep bringing young and talented bands to their stage in the future as well.

But for now, I hope to see a lot of people this saturday when we’ll bring the Ztringtroza crew there for a final showdown (at this particular address that is).

Click to view event on facebook.
Click to view event on facebook.


// J

Doing a show tonight with Siniestro

Good news everyone!

Tonight I’m doing a show with Siniestro as support for Destruction. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. The fact that I’m already awake and have restrung a bass hints that I’m really looking forward to this show.

Poster of Siniestro live at Kraken Sthlm as support for Destruction

Keeping busy

Hey hey!

I’m busy as always, and my little project that I hoped to have done by halloween is gonna need another week, so new deadline for that is next Sunday. Basically, video editing was more time consuming than I thought.Editing video


Ghost Grale

At the moment, I’m practising songs for a show I’ll play next Saturday with my friends in Siniestro. Filip, the bass player had an accident and ended up with a broken hand, so they asked me to fill in for him, which will be a lot of fun! Check out the event here!