Ztringtroza live @ Club Dirty Nights, Stockholm

This saturday, me and my fellow dysfunctional weirdos in Ztringtroza will do a show at Club Dirty Nights, Harry B James, Stockholm. It will be a lot of fun and madness as usual. Harry B James is one of those places where I’ve spent more time and money than I like to think about, but I’ve had tons of great times at that place. However, very soon they will move out from their current address. I hope they’ll find a great spot and keep bringing young and talented bands to their stage in the future as well.

But for now, I hope to see a lot of people this saturday when we’ll bring the Ztringtroza crew there for a final showdown (at this particular address that is).

Click to view event on facebook.
Click to view event on facebook.


// J

Ruben, der Wildschwein – new Ztringtroza video

We made a new video for one of the songs from the latest Ztringtroza EP. The song is a german version of the old (“classic”) song “Vildsvinet Ruben”. The video was a lot of fun and party to record. It features the entire band, as well as our pig of a manager, Ruben. And a pizza guy.

Ztringtroza will be playing at the Kalmar Tattoo Fair this friday, make sure you stop by if you have the chance!

Förlovningsblues i A-dur, Ztringtroza video

I’m proud to announce that there’s now a video for the song “Förlovningsblues i A-dur” by my spectacular punk band Ztringtroza. It features footage from both the motorcycle fair in Stockholm earlier this year, and Sweden Rock Festival. It’s a really cool video that really captures the total craziness and joy that is found in this band. Rock on!